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Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence in Education


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Celebrating 22 Years of Excellence in Education

Welcome to Growing Minds Montessori School

Located in the Heart of Dr. Phillips

Growing Minds Montessori School in Orlando, Florida has been educating children based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori for over 22 years. We serve a community of children and families from diverse social and cultural backgrounds and pride ourselves on recognizing each child’s unique talents and abilities, and guiding children during their most critical years of development.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage children to develop academic, physical, social and life skills in an environment of mutual respect. Children develop a positive self-image, habits, attitudes and ideas that lead to a life time of creative thinking and learning.

Global Awareness

We are proud of our international composition. Children in our school are exposed to an early awareness and advantage of meeting people from all around the world. We are committed to serving a community of children and families from diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Multi Age Classrooms

Each class is a community of children and teachers, normally spanning an age range of three years. Our students typically learn in the same classroom with the same teacher for 3 years. The children form lasting friendships with teachers and fellow students. Small student/ratios assure and encourage each child’s independence, creativity and intelligence at their own pace.

Self Motivation

At Growing Minds Montessori School, we introduce the children to the joy of learning at an early age and provide a frame work in which individual and social discipline go hand in hand.

Our Pre-School & Kindergarten Program

We strive to nurture and preserve each child’s natural curiosity and to develop an awareness to the unlimited potential for learning based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy.

Half-Day Programs (Monday – Friday)

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. The half-day programs are available for 2 ½ to 4 years old. This provides for community sharing time, individual work time and outside play time.

Extended Day Program (Monday – Friday)

9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. This program is primarily comprised of Kindergarten students ranging from 5 to 6 years in age. The program is also available for younger children (depending upon availability) It includes the morning program, followed by lunch, and an afternoon session of advanced academics whereby the children focus on more in-depth activities in areas such as Language Arts, Geography, Science and Sensorial extensions

All Day Program (Monday – Friday)

8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. This program is for families who need Early drop off and After school care. Children can be dropped off as early as 8 a.m. It includes the same schedule as the Extended day program, followed by after school care.
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Learn About Our Infant-Toddler Program

Our Lead Faculty Members

Director and Founder

Uzma Ansari

• Masters in Child Psychology
• Bachelor’s degree in Child Development
• American Montessori Society certified
• 30 years teaching experience

Uzma Ansari’s dream of creating a stimulating, nurturing, and challenging learning environment came true in 2001, when she founded Growing Minds Montessori School. She very successfully established a school that celebrates individualized learning and guides each child to develop their own unique talents and possibilities during their most critical years.

Director of ITP (Infant-Toddler Program)

Urooj Ansari

- Member of the American Montessori Society
- 10+years of teaching experience in a Montessori setting

Urooj developed a passion for children at a very young age, and this has been a big part of her life growing up. She followed her dreams of providing exceptional child care for younger children, and founded the Infant-Toddler program at GMMS in 2017. Urooj strongly believes that a child’s first learning experiences deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development, and that is why she strives to make learning an enjoyable experience for all children.

Rosie Carattini

Lead Teacher

Montessori Certified

Carolina Guzman

Lead Teacher

Montessori Certified

The GMMS Curriculum

Our Montessori Environment

Each classroom is a small community of children. Our students develop kindness and courtesy, respect, universal values, personal responsibility, self-awareness and independence.

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Our Montessori Environment

Our classrooms are bright, warm, aesthetically pleasing filled with scientifically designed colorful Montessori materials, continent maps, science center, mathematical models, plants, books, music and art.

Children happily work in a peaceful and prepared environment with a soft, calming music playing in the background. They move freely, selecting work that captures their interest and are engaged in a hands-on approach to learning.

Children pride themselves in taking care of their environment. Watering plants, sweeping, dusting, cleaning and getting the snack table ready for the friends is an important part of our daily routine. While the older students follow the instructions on the responsibility chart, our very young children happily take the responsibility for the care of their child-sized environment.

With children growing together over many years, close relationships develop among the children and adults that create a life time of beautiful memories!

“It is through the environment that an individual is molded and brought to perfection”
– Maria Montessori

“A child’s work is to create the man he will become. An adult works to perfect the environment, but a child works to perfect himself.”
– Maria Montessori

Individualized Learning

Our qualified and dedicated teachers create an environment where students have the freedom and the tools to pursue answers to their own questions. Individual curriculum helps the directress to nurture each child’s independence, creativity and intelligence.

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Individualized Learning

At Growing Minds Montessori School, we pride ourselves on recognizing each child’s unique talents and abilities, and guiding children during their most critical years of development.
Low student-to-teacher ratio enhances the unique opportunities for students to grow and develop while helping to instill a lifelong love for learning.

We have very thoughtfully created an environment that recognizes and accommodates all different learning styles. Children move about and choose materials from easily accessible shelves. They work on floor rugs or at small tables. They are free to learn at their own pace, each advancing through the curriculum as he is ready, guided by the teacher and an individualized learning plan.

Parent Involvement

Teachers at Growing Minds Montessori School recognize that the child’s education does not stop when he or she leaves the classroom and goes home. Instead, they consider the time the student spends at home as a continuation of the learning process and parents are seen as key partners in the education of the child.

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Parent Involvement

Dr. Montessori felt the child from birth to six years old has an absorbent mind that soaks up impressions at a fantastic rate. The more the child encounters, the easier it is for him to retain it. A child who is offered many varied experiences from a guiding rather than leading adult will have a richer, happier life and will come closer to reaching his/her full potential.

“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”
– Maria Montessori

Our Newsletter

In an effort to make the most of the learning experience, Growing Minds Montessori School regularly publishes a newsletter containing both the activities completed during the previous period and the ones planned for the up-coming weeks. Parents find this as a valuable resource to reinforce key concepts at home and become an active part of their child’s education.

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"When we were looking around for schools to send our 3 year old daughter - our main priority was focused on education and overall learning experience. We didn't want to send her to a "daycare", we wanted to give her the best education from the start.

Growing Minds Montessori School was the first school we toured and were immediately impressed with the educational tools and learning stations set up for the children. The Director Mrs. Ansari is very dedicated to her school and it shows in her manner with the children and the organizational and educational thought behind her classroom set up.

Not only is she the director but also leads one of the classrooms as a teacher which shows her level of involvement in her school. The teachers are impeccable and care for the children as if they are their own - speaking in a nice way, teaching them manners and always respecting each other

We couldn't have asked for a better environment for our daughter to be in - it's diverse, warm, welcoming, and intelligently stimulating. Our daughter comes home singing and talk about her friends and school experiences. It's all a parent could hope for in a school."

Sarah Sarhan

"I cannot begin to express how fortunate we are to be a part of the Growing minds community and family . This school is by far the most nurturing and loving environment I have ever seen . I have worked around children for years and my experience with my son at GMMS has far surpassed all my expectations .

They instill a self confidence in their children that leads them to WANT to learn and succeed . Parent involvement is highly encouraged and my experience in the classroom has been inspiring . I have seen my son as well as the other children grow leaps and bounds in just a few short months .

Yes , you can expect your child to be reaching their fullest potential academically and surpassing grade level standards but far more importantly they will grow their self worth and true excitement for learning . Seeing my son welcomed into the classroom with his classmates cheering his name and his never wanting to miss a day of school is all it took for me to understand the loving environment they create .

Mrs Ansari and all of the teachers at growing minds are exceptional and have created a true Montessori with a truly special experience . The kids are taught to respect one another and themselves .The Montessori Method builds a strong foundation for your child's future . If you haven't heard of the Montessori method I highly recommend taking a tour and seeing what they have to offer :)!"

Nora Nasr

"Both of our Children have graduated from kindergarten at Growing Minds Montessori School (GMMS). It was the best decision we made by choosing GMMS as their first school. This school has not only provided a strong base to our children, it proved to be an excellent contribution to their growth and passion for learning. GMMS underwrote for their beautiful personalities and other skills needing for their future endeavors. We are grateful to be part of GMMS family with Mrs. Uzma Ansari and her dedicated Staff. Your excellent leadership skills and unconditional love has made this school the best school and we truly appreciate everything you did!"

Deep & Rajni Vasishta

"Our son Dominick attended Growing Minds for 2 years, starting at the age of 4. He was able to learn at his own pace and was excited to attend school every day. We watched him grow and flourish with each passing month as his reading and math skills continuously improved. Mrs. Ansari and the other teachers were very attentive and I could see that they genuinely cared about each child at the school. There were lots of fun ways for parents to be involved in their children's learning activities as well. Dominick particularly took a liking to Geography while learning about different countries and cultures at Growing Minds. Now he is in 4th grade at Windermere Preparatory School. He's in the Advanced Math class, and received straight As on his latest report card. He also placed 2nd in his class in a recent Geography Bee school competition. We are so appreciative of the knowledge, love, and attention Dominick received in his years at Growing Minds Montessori School."

Vince & Cari Falcone

"Growing Minds Montessori is an enchanting learning environment which has been lovingly crafted by its director, Mrs. Ansari, and her dedicated team of teachers. I knew beyond doubt that this would be the perfect school for our daughter after attending an Open House. I am an elementary school teacher, and I was in awe as I walked around looking at the children’s projects in the classrooms. The math, reading, and writing was easily on par with the work that you would expect to see in a first or second grade classroom. It was also very evident that these preschool students had assumed an incredible level of autonomy for their age. The practical life skills area of the classroom has a huge assortment of items you would not expect a young child to be able to maintain, and yet there everything was in its proper place and the children had just left the building to play outside. Our daughter has now finished her first year with Growing Minds, and she would be completely ready to enter kindergarten this Fall. She is still a couple months shy of her fourth birthday. The teachers are that competent. The classroom environment is peaceful. They play soft music in the background while the children work. Any given day that you drop in, you’ll find some children working on an independent project, others working in pairs and groups, and teachers giving individual or group lessons. I know from experience that this is no easy feat - but the teachers make it look effortless. The classrooms are cheerful and well-organized, and the playground is delightful (and well shaded - a bonus in Florida!) We are at peace knowing that our daughter is in such a nurturing environment. Teachers will stop to study a bug that has caught a child’s attention, or to help them pull up acorn sprouts to uncover its roots. Everything is approached with a sense of wonder. Hugs are given generously throughout the day, and the children are showered with encouraging words. Once when our daughter became ill while at school, Mrs. Ansari held her until she fell asleep. Every day when I say goodbye to my daughter, I feel like I am sending her off with family. Growing Minds has had a huge influence in shaping our little one’s character. There is a constant emphasis on treating others with respect. The teachers always speak to the children in gentle voices, and negative behaviors are treated as learning opportunities. Children are taught how to work in a group setting and how to manage conflicts in a way that promotes cooperation. Parent involvement is fantastic, and all events are well attended. Parents are assigned one month for which they help out with classroom activities, celebrations, field trips, etc.. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know other families while making a difference at your child’s school. I volunteered last year to read with the children as a “Reading Mom”, and there are many other ways to be involved. Student diversity is also exceptional. We are thrilled that our daughter is being exposed to so many different cultures in her interactions with classmates. Traditions from around the world are celebrated throughout the year, with parents presenting on their culture’s holidays and customs. We have found the teacher and parent communication to be wonderful. Student work is sent home on Fridays. Every month we receive a very detailed newsletter by email, along with a link to hundreds of pictures posted to a Shutterfly account that show exactly what is happening in the classroom. Pickup and drop off are very well organized, and we look forward to seeing our daughter's teachers as they are always eager to share information about her progress, especially those academic firsts (first time she wrote her name by herself, first words read, etc..) Growing Minds Montessori is a gem of a school where children truly develop a love of learning. "

Crista Cueto